*Surgeons Program*

 "How To Submit Post Surgeon's Report"

Hospital Reports: Post Surgeons should submit their Surgeon reports to their respective District Surgeons by the 10th day of each month. District Surgeons should send their reports to the Department Surgeon by the 20th day of each month. There are no penalties for late reports if late. The Department Surgeon asks that all Post submit a monthly report to their District in a timely matter. If a Post has nothing to report the Department Surgeon asks that you send a blank signed report to your District Surgeon for credit. All Post with a 100% reporting (12 monthly reports for the year) will be recognized at State Convention.
Surgeon Report (PDF)

Member Report Forms (PDF)  Member Report Form (Printable)

Department of Kansas will continue to use the same reporting system as we have used in the past.
It is recommended that the PDF File or the Blank Page be saved to you Desk Top or in a file for easy access.
When completed please email or mail your form to your respective District Surgeon.
State Surgeon- Allen Owens -
District 1 Surgeon - Hans Hull
District 2 Surgeon - Bob Teetsel -
District 3 Surgeon - Michael B. Holland -
District 4 Surgeon - Nathan Lammers -
District 5 Surgeon - Richard Strickland -
District 6 Surgeon - Damon Rickard -
District 7 Surgeon - Herb Schwartzkopf -